Based in Austin, TX
Founding Date:
June 2011
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klobit specializes in video game experiences inspired by retro Japanese anime and games. We create compelling gameplay with impressive graphics equal to or greater than 240 lines of resolution!


Drawing Sonic levels across sheets of notebook paper, Eric Wenske knew from an early age that he wanted to design video games. After a stint in the game industry, he decided to create the types of games he enjoyed the most - exciting arcade-style experiences that companies like Sega used to deliver.

He quit his job and founded klobit.

He and Kat Wenske have worked on various prototypes as well as released Rocketron, a small mobile game. In the fall of 2013, they began work on Capsule Force, a competitive, 80s space anime-inspired multiplayer game. Nearing development completion, klobit teamed up with Iron Galaxy Studios to prepare for the 2015 launch of Capsule Force on Steam and PS4.

klobit plans to continue to combine its love of retro anime aesthetics, low polygon counts, high frame rates, and Japanese arcade-style gameplay experiences.

See you in the future... in the year 1999!



Transparent PNG (2317x1770)

Logo With Background (3000x3000)

White Logo With Background (3000x3000)

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Eric Wenske
President, Designer, Coder, Art
Kat Wenske
Composer, Sound Designer
Angela Zavala
Character Art & Character Design for Capsule Force


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